Why Does My Uber Driver Application Say “Documents Pending”?


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The Uber driver application review and approval procedure typically takes no more than two days on average. On the other hand, there are a number of possible explanations for why documents are still pending. If an application is still in the pending stage after the review, the Uber review team will have to investigate the problem. If you are still waiting for an update on the progress being made, there are a few scenarios that could cause the waiting period to be extended.

In most cases, Uber drivers can expect approval of their papers within forty-eight hours. On the other hand, depending on the circumstances of the applicant, the procedure may take more time in some instances. Find out why documents stay pending beyond the customary time window for approval by reading the following paragraphs.

What Happens After You Submit Your Application?

Becoming an Uber driver is not nearly as simple as it is made out to be in commercials or reviews seen online. Additionally, not everyone is aware of how the application process actually works. Your application will be subject to review once it has passed the stage of document submission, at which point it will have a pending status and be considered complete. Even though every applicant goes through the same process, some of them anticipate a quick resolution to their inquiry. As a direct consequence of this, the outcome may be unanticipated and perplexing. While one person may have to wait for a considerable amount of time, another may get authorized promptly and without any problems.

Consider the following criteria, which are rather typical, if you discover that your application is still being evaluated.

Unverifiable Documentation

Some people are under the impression that having a driver’s license, passport, or other kind of government-issued photo identification assures clearance. However, the procedure calls for an in-depth personal investigation, such as a history verification check. It is vital to follow the procedure in order to check the applicant’s profile, but it also gives the review team the opportunity to determine the applicant’s legality in the United States.

Negative Driver Status

Uber is insistent that it will only work with independent contractors who strictly adhere to all applicable traffic rules and regulations. As a result, it is expected of its drivers that they will always maintain a level of professionalism. On the other hand, if multiple people have complaints regarding a person’s driving history, that person’s driving record will be looked into.

In the event that the screening team discovers any possible liabilities, Uber may reject them without prior warning. In contrast, you will be given preference over people who have a terrible driving record if you are an excellent driver who does not have any recent traffic offenses or revocations of their license.

Technical Issues

Even while they are helpful, enterprise apps run the risk of being problematic if there are bugs in the system. The applicant for a driving position with Uber is unable to change the current circumstances. Therefore, if their status of advancement does not alter, their best option is to make a formal complaint about it. In general, any technical issues that arise are usually just temporary and rarely damage anyone’s submissions.

Extended Background Check

In order to ensure that its high safety requirements are met, Uber conducts a minimum of one background check every single year. If you want to continue working as a driver for Uber and keep your access to the app, you will need to follow the protocol. During the time that you are working with Uber, the firm may, in certain circumstances, also request that you undergo additional checks. It is possible that you will not receive an email from Uber for at least two weeks while you are waiting for a response to your documents from Uber.

If you provide Uber with identification that is out of date, have a criminal background, or are subject to driving limitations, the company may get in touch with you. Even though a lengthy wait does not necessarily portend an imminent denial, it is still grounds for concern and should be treated as such. In certain circumstances, Uber merely makes contact with applicants to confirm approval but does not do so about submissions that do not qualify.

How To Contact the Uber Review Team

Unfortunately, Uber doesn’t offer an accessible phone number or a live chat option. Therefore, the best means of communication is the company’s support desk. When using the contact form, ensure you clarify your problem fully.

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