Which Body Shops Does Geico Allow Me to Use?


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All of GEICO’s policyholders have access to effective online solutions that are designed to make their lives easier. Through the official website of the Auto Repair Xpress program, you will be able to locate a reputable auto body shop in your area. Alternately, you could hire any repair business that is suitable for your requirements. Your insurance provider has the option to pay the chosen repair agency directly for the costs associated with the damage.

Accidents involving motor vehicles and other types of damage might take place at any time. After dealing to any medical concerns you may have, there are a few other matters that require your attention. You are required to file a claim before GEICO can pay for the costs of repairing your vehicle if it is damaged.

The subsequent action is to take your vehicle to a body shop to get an estimate on the cost of repairs and to hand it over there. Your insurance provider gives you access to a program called Auto Repair Xpress, which puts you in touch with a number of competent body shops in a timely manner.

Having said that, the decision is wholly and utterly dependent upon you. You are free to pick whichever maintenance provider best suits your needs. You are under no need to utilize the recommended repair facilities, as the organization will not impose such a requirement on you. In addition, the certified repair shops aren’t always easy to find in different parts of the country.

On the other hand, if you want professional repairs, it is strongly suggested that you use GEICO-approved body shops whenever possible.

Finding a Body Shop With the Auto Repair Xpress Program

If you choose a reputable body shop for your repairs, you won’t have to worry about any complications. Your vehicle is cared for by trained professionals that have years of experience. In addition, you are entitled to guaranteed repairs for the duration of your ownership of the vehicle.

To locate a body shop that participates in the Auto Repair Xpress Program, follow the steps that are listed below.

  1. Check out the GEICO website for further information.
  2. Simply select “Information” from the drop-down list that appears after clicking the “Menu” tab.
  3. Make your selection from the menu labeled “Claims and Roadside Help.”
  4. Make your selection from the drop-down menu labeled “Estimate & Repair Locations.”
  5. To access your claim, click the link that says “Access your claim.”
  6. Please enter your claim number, full name, and select the type of claim you wish to file from the drop-down menu.
  7. Now, either type in your address or perform a search using the name of your city and your ZIP code.
  8. Look into the many kinds of repair services that are offered in your area.
  9. Check out the location of the repair shop as well as its distance.
  10. Find a nearby body shop that’s convenient for you, and give them a call using the number provided.

The scheduling of your inspection can also be done online. However, it is strongly suggested that you give GEICO permission to pay the servicing fees directly to the body shop of your choice. Once the repairs are finished, the insurance company pays the entire price, with the exception of the policy deductible that was previously agreed upon.

Benefits of Using an Approved Body Shop

Repair businesses that are up to GEICO’s quality requirements might get the company’s endorsement. You can take advantage of the following perks if you choose a body shop that is part of the Auto Repair Xpress program:

The insurance company provides the added benefit of a one-stop rental pick-up location for further convenience. You also have the option of receiving timely information regarding the progress being made on the repair of your vehicle.
Your repairs come with a written guarantee that is good for the rest of your life.
Pricing: You are able to haggle and come to an agreement with the repair facility over the price. There will never be any unanticipated additional costs at any point in the process.

Are You Facing Any Issues?

You won’t have any trouble locating GEICO-approved body shops when you search for them online. However, if you run into any technical issues, you can get in touch with customer service for assistance. They are also able to respond to any questions you may have regarding your claim.

A live representative is available 24/7. The typical length of time spent waiting is approximately twenty minutes. Simply pressing 0 three times will get you in touch with them more quickly.

Before you pick up the phone and call them, double check that you have all of the necessary paperwork and information ready. It’s possible that your name, address, policy number, and a few other facts will need to be mentioned. You can also submit your questions to the GEICO help desk for further assistance

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