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GEICO provides a variety of useful insurance policies, including auto, homeowners, and business owner’s policies. You can look over each policy’s standard coverages. While the company covers the majority of costs, you can add more options for added protection. If you have any questions or need more information, please contact customer service.

GEICO is one of the largest insurance companies in the United States. Because of its affordable coverage options, the company is almost a household name. The A++ financial strength ratings provide adequate assurance to policyholders.

You can invest in a variety of policies from it, including auto, home, and business insurance. The company’s robust online services and mobile applications are another plus. These digital tools allow customers to easily manage their policies.

GEICO insurance policy coverage options are numerous. The following breakdown clarifies what your insurance policy covers:

Auto Coverage

For its auto insurance policy, the insurance behemoth provides the following coverage:

Liability Coverage

This policy also covers bodily injury liability. If the other person in the accident you cause suffers a bodily injury, GEICO will cover the costs. Property damage caused by your accident is also covered under liability coverage.

Medical Coverage

Medical payments coverage is provided by your insurance company to cover medical expenses incurred as a result of your car accident. Personal injury protection coverage is also available. It covers not only your medical bills, but also your lost wages and other associated costs.

Uninsured Motorist Coverages

If an uninsured driver causes property damage or injuries, GEICO’s uninsured motorist coverage compensates you. Even if the other at-fault driver’s policy is insufficient to cover your claim, you may be covered.

Vehicle Coverages

Collision coverage covers the costs of damages to your vehicle caused by a collision. Furthermore, comprehensive coverage compensates you if your car is damaged by vandalism, theft, fire, or flood.

Additional Auto Coverage

You can enhance your protection by adding the following insurance coverage:

  • Coverage for mechanical issues
  • Reimbursement for rental costs
  • roadside assistance

For more information about your coverage options, contact customer service.

Homeowners Coverage

For homeowners, a regular GEICO policy includes:

Property Damage

The coverage covers fire, hail, wind, and water damage to your home or permanent structures on your land.

Personal Property

Your homeowner’s insurance covers damaged furniture, clothing, appliances, and dishes. Your belongings are also covered if they are stolen.


In the event that your jewelry is stolen, you have limited coverage. Engagement rings, diamond bracelets, and wedding bands, on the other hand, may require additional covering. To discover out which jewelry your policy covers, contact customer care.

Additional Homeowners Coverage

Your policy can also include the following insurance coverage options:

  • Medical expenses
  • Personal responsibility
  • Additional charges

Business Owners Coverage

The company owner’s coverage from GEICO combines liability and property insurance into one policy. It is useful to many small and medium-sized enterprises, such as retail stores and restaurants. The following are among the provisions of the policy:

Property Damage or Bodily Damage Liability

Any injury or damage to your clients’ or their property is covered by the insurance carrier.

Defense Costs for Liability

Slander and libel are covered by the policy.


Computers, workstations, and seats are all covered.

You can contact the company for additional information on each coverage choice. A live agent is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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