What Do I Do If I Can’t Remember My Old Email on My Uber Account?


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Even though Uber does not publish a phone number for customers to call for assistance, both riders and drivers are encouraged to get in touch with the company through the app or through the support pages on the Uber website in order to handle any issues that may arise with their accounts. This article will give you with a few different choices for upgrading the email address associated with your Uber account, as well as links that will take you straight to the contact forms that can be found on Uber’s assistance pages.

Uber customers are unable to reach customer service by phone, which is a major drawback of the service. Instead, they recommend that users get in touch with them through the Uber app or the contact form that can be found on the Uber website’s Help pages. There are two distinct help pages available on the Uber website: one is geared toward drivers, and the other is geared toward riders. Be certain that you are visiting the appropriate pages in order to ensure that you are receiving accurate information regarding the reactivation of your Uber account.

How Do I Change My Uber Driver Email?

Users can now sign in to their Uber accounts using their mobile phone numbers, which is a wonderful development. If you are aware of the phone number that is associated with your account, you can use the following steps to modify your Uber email address within the app.

  1. Navigate to the Settings section of the Uber app’s menu.
  2. Simply navigate to the details of your account here.
  3. You can change your old email address by selecting it and then clicking the “Update” button when you are finished.

Your new email address will receive a verification code along with a confirmation email shortly after it has been updated. To validate the new email address, you will need to enter the code that the app provides.

To get in touch with Uber customer support, drivers who have lost access to their account or have forgotten the email address and phone number that are associated with it should fill out the form located on this page.

In order to send in the form, you will be required to provide any email addresses that you think might be associated with the account (this includes email addresses that you’ve used in the past but no longer use), all of your phone numbers, your location, the information about your vehicle, the last four digits of your driver’s license, and the trip type that you get requests for. Enter the email address that you would like them to respond to at the very bottom of the form.

How Do I Change My Uber Rider Email?

You are able to make modifications to your Uber account information so long as you still have access to the Uber app. On the other hand, just like with Uber Drivers, a verification code will be sent to your phone via text message.

Users of iOS will additionally be required to verify their email address. This indicates that even if you have access to your account, you will still require access to the previous email address in order to make changes to your personal information. Users of iOS are strongly encouraged to get in touch with Uber directly for any additional assistance.

If you are still able to access your old email accounts, you can try resetting your password and then searching your inboxes for a link that will allow you to reset your password again. If you are still signed in to the Uber app or if you have the ability to sign in using your mobile number, select the “help” option from the app menu and then proceed with the steps that follow:

  1. Proceed to “Account & Payment” in the menu.
  2. Choose the option that reads “I am unable to sign in or request a ride.”
  3. After that, select “I forgot my password,” and then adhere to the link.
  4. A verification code will be sent via text message to the mobile number associated with the account by Uber.
  5. In the app, enter the verification code that is four digits long.
  6. After that, Uber will send an email to the registered email address with a link to reset the password.

Riders who are having trouble changing their Uber email address are encouraged to get in touch with the Uber Help page, which can be found here.

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