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Why Did Instagress Shut Down?

In the past, Instagress was the go-to app for automating Instagram followers, likes, and comments. Through a simple and easy UI, it was able to take over as the previous top Instagram bot. Anyone who wanted to expand their social presence through automation could jump in and get started since it was so simple.

Photographer Girl Photography  - thuanvo / Pixabay

This ease of usage had negative implications. It’s vital to remember that automation campaigns are in violation of the Instagram terms of service agreement, which every user agrees to when creating a new account:

Your automated campaigns will require a server to host your application, as well as proxies to hide your connection and avoid account suspensions or bans. As part of their business strategy, Instagress took care of this for its users, which is why they were so simple in comparison.

Instagram’s use of their software rights to shut down Instagress is unsurprising. When the corporation (in this example, Instagress) isn’t based in the United States, things get a little more tricky. This is extremely prevalent, and the defending organisation will try to avoid it by using the following strategies:

  1. Disrupt the hosting of your website
  2. Payment processing is disrupted.

Instagress could have hosted their website in Russia and just accepted BitCoin, but for the majority of their clients and revenue, they still need to host their proxies in the United States and Europe. Instagram could put a stop to the money and services flowing between these proxy providers.

Every Instagram bot business that is hosted is in jeopardy and will most certainly be shut down at some point. Developers, take note: your upside is finite.

Self-hosted Instagress alternatives, on the other hand, will continue to prosper. The most significant difference between Instagress and self-hosted solutions is that self-hosted solutions need you to handle and administer your hosting and proxies independently, something most Instagress users will be unable to do.

They’ll also have trouble with the self-hosted alternatives’ less-than-stellar user interfaces and designing workflows around them.

What is a Good Instagress Alternative & Replacement?

There are a slew of hosted solutions springing up to compete for former Instagress consumers, but these businesses will slip in and out of existence. I’m going to concentrate on self-hosted solutions since I want this article to be free of broken links after three months.

What is the Best Instagram Bot?

The best Instagram bot is FollowLiker. If you’re looking for a self-hosted Instagram automation solution, this bot is by far the clear winner. When it comes to the most crucial criteria, such as robust features and constant uptime and stability, FollowLiker is the best.

What is FollowLiker?

The domain name was registered in 2013, and the software followed soon after. Since then, FollowLiker has grown to tens of thousands of users worldwide.

They were recently embroiled in a controversy after introducing a monthly service fee in addition to the one-time fee. However, because entrepreneurs and customers benefit from solid software and prompt responses to support tickets, the decision is a good one.

You’ll also need a Virtual Private Server (VPS) and proxies if you’re conducting many automation growth campaigns. If you’re simply running one campaign, you can run FollowLiker without a proxy on your local machine.

I‘m assuming you want to conduct many campaigns.

I won’t mention any specific proxy or VPS services, but I will offer a few suggestions.

  1. Look for ‘instagram proxy blackhatworld’ on Google.
  2. Spend some time looking for a current BHW thread.
  3. If your card provider flags and declines the transaction, you’ll need to find another way to pay.
  4. As much RAM as possible should be allocated to your VPS. They move at a glacial pace, which makes everything more tedious.
  5. Before migrating FollowLiker to your VPS, I advocate trying, testing, and iterating on your workflows on your local system and really hammering down scalable processes.

Five to ten accounts should suffice. Migrating is a time-consuming process, but it isn’t nearly as time-consuming as learning, building, and iterating on the VPS.

FollowLiker Review Recap

FollowLiker isn’t perfect, despite being the obvious champion of self-hosted Instagram bots.

The majority of the difficulties are around the user interface. To truly master the ins and outs of maximising your growth rate, you’ll need to put in a lot of time and effort. You’ll be fighting email and social account creation, VPS and proxy management, suspensions, bannings, and FollowLiker not performing as it should with poor growth rates the entire time.