ow Do I Recover My Amazon Fresh Email and Password?


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Amazon Fresh is a grocery delivery service offered only to Amazon Prime members. The service eliminates the hassle of having to go to get your household necessities. If you’ve forgotten your Amazon Fresh password, you can get it back by following the instructions in this page.

How Do I Recover My Amazon Fresh Email and Password?

Amazon Fresh is an online grocery delivery service that is only offered to Amazon Prime subscribers. However, Amazon Fresh services are not available to everyone who has an Amazon Prime subscription. Because Amazon Fresh is only offered in a few places in the United States and Germany, this is the case.

Atlanta, Boston, Minneapolis, Denver, Baltimore, Las Vegas, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Houston, Miami, Phoenix, Indianapolis, Washington, DC, Seattle, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and San Diego are among these states. Amazon Fresh is currently offered in four German cities: Berlin, Potsdam, Hamburg, and Munich.

Before you sign up for Amazon Fresh, make sure you live in an Amazon Fresh delivery region. Amazon Fresh sells snacks and meat in addition to groceries. To order these things, log into your Amazon Prime account and open the Amazon app, then select the items you wish to buy and add them to your cart.

When you’ve finished shopping, go to the checkout to finish your order. You cannot return these items once you have purchased them through Amazon Fresh, however Amazon will refund you if the goods are damaged or spilled. Amazon Fresh offers two delivery options: attended and unsupervised deliveries.

Recovering Your Amazon Fresh Email and Password

You may lose access to your Amazon Fresh account at any time. This can happen if your account has been hacked or if you have simply forgotten your password. To avoid your account being hacked, create a strong password that includes letters, numbers, and special symbols that is difficult to guess. Here’s how to retrieve your Amazon Fresh account’s email and password:

  1. Verifying your identification is the first step in reclaiming your Amazon Fresh account.
  2. Amazon will require you to scan or photograph a government-issued identification card.
  3. You will not be able to retrieve your Amazon account until you have verified your identity.
  4. If you have a backup way for logging into your Amazon account set up, try utilising it.
  5. If it doesn’t work, go to this page.
  6. You’ll receive instructions from Amazon on how to upload your identification documents.
  7. The document should include a visible name, address, and the issuing authority, which could be a country or state.
  8. Cover important information on the document, such as account and identity numbers.
  9. Amazon will complete the verification procedure in two days and send you an email confirmation when it is complete.
  10. You can also recover your password by going to Amazon’s password assistance page.
  11. After that, you must input a phone number that is linked to your Amazon Fresh account.
  12. For authentication, Amazon will send you an SMS with a one-time password (OTP).
  13. Enter the OTP you were given.
  14. “Continue” should be selected.
  15. Now you can create a new password.

Contacting Amazon

If you are having trouble restoring your Amazon Fresh account, you can contact Amazon customer service for assistance. You can reach Amazon by phoning or chatting with them live. You can also send Amazon an email requesting assistance in regaining access to your account. Amazon may be found on Facebook and Twitter.

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