Is Geico Auto Insurance Any Good?


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Customers who have purchased GEICO’s auto insurance have complained about the company’s poor customer service and affordable premiums. Take a look at these reviews from both customers and industry professionals before deciding whether or not the company is the appropriate fit for you.

Finding an auto insurance carrier that meets your unique coverage needs will be the most significant consideration; however, it is also crucial to seek for a business that has a solid reputation for providing excellent customer service. Continue reading to discover whether or not the auto insurance offered by GEICO is any good.

GEICO Insurance Expert Reviews

There are many organizations that serve consumers that offer reviews of the auto insurance offered by GEICO. Here is what the knowledgeable individuals have to say about three different topics that are really significant.

Complaints from End Users

According to the personal finance and review website Nerdwallet, the amount of consumer complaints received by GEICO is lower than what is expected for a business of its size. This assertion is supported by the Better Business Bureau, which has awarded GEICO an A+ rating. WalletHub’s editors give GEICO a decent ranking when it comes to consumer complaints as well, stating that the insurance provider has generally positive client evaluations.

Prices for Coverage

The majority of industry professionals are in agreement that GEICO provides coverage at a reasonable price as well as a wide range of discounts. GEICO had a high overall rating from J.D. Power, which is a company that does research and reviews on a variety of businesses and goods. This assessment took into account the cost of GEICO’s coverage.

Policy Options

When it comes to the variety of coverage options, GEICO scores around average. While the reviewers at Nerdwallet point out that the firm does not offer gap coverage, other professional reviews state that the company’s affordable premiums more than make up for its rather restricted policy options.

GEICO Insurance Customer Reviews

In addition to the opinions of industry professionals, it is wise to take into account the feedback of GEICO policyholders. The opinions of reviewers are shown here, broken down into numerous key categories.

Filing Claims

When members of GEICO talk about filing claims, many of them say the process the business uses is frustrating. According to the comments of one customer, “Their procedure is a…nightmare.” When it came to trying to collect compensation for a claim, they indicate that the company did not live up to their expectations.

Support and Ease of Use are Priorities

One GEICO client referred to the company’s system as “streamlined,” stating that the procedure for making adjustments to one’s insurance policy is “very straightforward and easy.” Some people believe that GEICO’s customer service and claims process are below average when taken together. Despite this, several reviewers have complimented the company on its website, stating that it is “quite simple to navigate.”

Options for Coverage and the Price

When it comes to the various coverage options and the prices associated with them, the opinions expressed in online reviews appear to be split. However, some are quick to bring out the difficulties they experienced with the claims procedure, despite the fact that they express satisfaction with their insurance. Some people feel that the pricing offered by GEICO is reasonable while at the same time expressing dissatisfaction with the company’s customer support.

The Final Verdict

In the end, GEICO has a number of different strengths and weaknesses. While a number of industry professionals agree that the company provides competitive costs and coverage, a number of customers have expressed dissatisfaction with the company’s customer care. If you are interested in learning more about GEICO and determining whether or not it is the perfect choice for you, you can phone the free helpline that the company provides and speak with a representative about the various coverage options and rates.

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