Is At&t Wireless Cellphone Service Any Good?


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If you are in the market for a new mobile phone service provider, you may be curious about the quality of the services offered by AT&T Wireless. The company provides a few different data plans, the majority of which are unlimited, as well as a few other discounts and advantages. Its pricing are far more than the industry standard, and while its coverage is good, it is not the finest. It moves fairly quickly.

AT&T is one of the most well-known telecommunications firms in the United States; hence, if you are looking for a new cellular service provider, AT&T Wireless is a good option to take into consideration. This article will provide you with the information you require to determine whether or not AT&T Wireless is the right option for you.

AT&T Wireless’ Service Plans

AT&T Wireless provides a total of four different plans. There is no requirement for a contract in any of them.

  • 4 GB: This plan provides 4 gigabytes (GB) of data, a 4G LTE network, and streaming in standard definition. It is $50 each month to pay for it.
  • This package offers unlimited data, 5G coverage, and streaming in standard definition across its Unlimited Starter tier. It needs paperless billing and auto-pay, in addition to having a monthly fee of $65 dollars. If you have this plan, there is a chance that your phone will receive lower priority during times of high demand.
  • Unlimited Extra: This plan offers 5G coverage, unlimited internet, streaming in standard definition, and a mobile hotspot with 15 GB of storage capacity. It needs paperless billing and auto-pay, in addition to having a monthly cost of $75. If you use more than 50 gigabytes of data under this plan, your phone may lose its priority status.
  • This package provides 5G coverage, unlimited data transfer, streaming in 4K ultra-high definition, and a mobile hotspot with 40 GB of storage capacity. In addition to that, it features HBO Max. It has a monthly cost of $85 and requires automatic payment as well as paperless billing. After you have used up 100 GB of data under this plan, your phone may be demoted to a lower priority.

AT&T Wireless’ Speed

The typical download speed for each of the packages is 28.9 megabits per second. This is quite comparable to other leading wireless providers such as Verizon and T-Mobile, however it is slightly slower than those services.

AT&T Wireless’ Coverage

About sixty percent of the country is covered by the network provided by AT&T Wireless. The majority of the undiscovered areas are located in more remote areas of the states of California, Montana, Wyoming, Nebraska, Arizona, Nevada, and Idaho.

AT&T Wireless’ Perks

AT&T will supply new devices with complimentary overnight delivery at no additional cost. Furthermore, it enables you to upgrade your equipment even before the whole purchase price has been paid for it. Members of the armed forces are eligible for pricing reductions from the corporation, including $48.75 per month for the Unlimited Starter plan, $56.25 per month for the Unlimited Extra plan, and $63.75 per month for the Unlimited Elite plan. Additionally, the organisation will on occasion provide its customers with complimentary theatre tickets and various other little presents.

AT&T Wireless’ Prices

AT&T Wireless’ rates for comparable plans are significantly more than those of the majority of the company’s other competitors. The T-Mobile package that is comparable to the Unlimited Starter plan costs only $60 per month to subscribe to. You may get one from Ultra Mobile for $49 every month. One is available through Simple Mobile at a cost of $45 per month. Only $40 a month is required to maintain Visible’s subscription. The monthly cost of service from Verizon is the only one that is more, coming in at $70.

The Takeaway

AT&T Wireless is not going to be a good offer for the vast majority of customers in the long run. The majority of its plans only provide streaming in standard definition, and its costs are significantly higher than the market average. Because of the deprioritization provisions, it is possible that you will not always be able to take use of the high download speeds that the company provides. In addition, the organisation offers coverage that, while satisfactory, is not the finest available.

Contacting AT&T

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