How Do I Upgrade My At&t Wireless Phone?


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Customers who want to replace their existing handset with a newer model can upgrade their AT&T wireless phone in a quick, easy, and reasonable manner. You can qualify for the newest wireless phone in minutes if you fulfil the rules. Learn how to upgrade your gadget and trade it in for a new or refurbished one.

For a variety of reasons, AT&T customers choose to upgrade their wireless phones. They can change their previous model if they want to keep up with the latest trend or if it is no longer working. Check out this post for more information on the upgrade procedure and how to establish your eligibility if you want to upgrade your device to the current mobile edition.

Trading in an AT&T Mobile Device

While it is simple to upgrade an AT&T wireless phone, not everyone is eligible. Make sure your bill is paid on time and your balance is zero before applying for a new device model. Otherwise, AT&T will either reject your application or send you an ineligibility notification. You may be eligible for a phone and a promotional discount if your account has no outstanding concerns and you’ve been a long-time client.

There are several additional factors to know before you upgrade:

  • Customers who want to cancel their active instalment plan can do so by trading in their current device.
  • During an upgrade, you will be able to transfer any and all types of media, including images, music, and videos.
  • If you want to be eligible for a new phone from AT&T, your customer account needs to be in good standing first.
  • Some products are either pre-owned or refurbished, and the end result is a price that is cheaper than that of new, untouched models.

AT&T does not coerce its consumers towards upgrading, although it does stop providing software support for older phones. If you decide to stay using the same device for a longer period of time, you can run into problems preserving the data on it.

How to Upgrade an AT&T Wireless Phone

  1. Please go to to check out the AT&T wireless website.
  2. Sign in to your account, and then navigate to the “My Wireless” area of the dashboard.
  3. To upgrade your phone, navigate to “Upgrade My Device” and choose the new model from the drop-down menu.
  4. Pick out a brand-new piece of technology to replace the one you currently have and then trade it in.
  5. Select “Amount Due Today” from the drop-down menu of payment methods, then click the “Upgrade Now” button.

Contacting the AT&T Wireless Customer Service Department

AT&T Wireless does not offer a live chat feature; however, you can call their customer service department to speak with a representative. The wait time is typically around 38 minutes, although this might vary based on the time zone you’re in and the number of calls the company receives. You may, however, get in touch with a person more quickly if you opted to use the live chat option instead. If you want the greatest solution to your problem, you should make sure that your request is both straightforward and complete.

Help from Real People

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