How Do I Stop Receiving Text Messages from Uber?


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You can ask to be unsubscribed from promotional texts or have the number blocked completely if you want to stop getting messages from Uber. You can also utilize the official Uber website by clicking the “Help” icon in the upper right corner. You have the option of reporting spam mails to Uber.

Uber is the preferred mode of transportation for millions of people all around the world. Uber frequently sends text messages to its customers as part of their service to provide updates on their journeys as well as promotional offers. These text messages are a great way for some people to stay informed about what’s going on in their neighborhood. For some, however, these messages can become a nuisance and even annoying after a while. There’s no need to be concerned if you’re getting too many Uber text messages. Fortunately, unsubscribing from these SMS updates is simple and can be completed in a matter of minutes if you follow these steps carefully.

Use the Official Uber Website

The first step in unsubscribing from Uber SMS messages is to go to Uber’s official website. You can do so by going to in your browser and looking for the “Help” section in the top right-hand corner of the page. When you see this option, select it to bring up a drop-down menu with the option “send us an email,” which you should select.

Uber will ask for your email address and a text box in which you can type your message to them. After that, click the “Submit” button, and Uber will send you an email with your unique support ID. If you need to contact Uber again in the future, you can write down this ID number.

Once you have your support ID, type it into the “Subject” field of the Uber email you received. Next, compose a brief statement in the email’s main body saying that you want to be removed from all Uber text messages. It’s also a good idea to include your phone number, which you don’t want included in these communications.

After that, click “Send,” and your message will be routed to Uber customer service. The process is now complete, and Uber will stop sending you text messages in around 15 minutes.

Call Uber Customer Service

There is another alternative if you are uncomfortable sending Uber an email. You can also accomplish the same thing by calling their customer care department. When you’re connected to a customer support contact, tell them you want to be removed from all Uber text messages. They’ll gladly erase your phone number from their SMS contact list after that.

Block the Number

You still have one option if you want to stop receiving Uber communications. Block the phone number that Uber uses to contact you. To do so, open your phone’s dialler and type this number into the top-of-screen search box. Once you’ve found the number, press it and choose the block option from the menu that appears on your screen. This is a great solution for people who want to stop receiving Uber messages but need to know what number to call in case they need to contact Uber help in the future.

Report Any Spam Messages to Uber

Although it seems unusual, Uber may send spam texts on occasion. Don’t hesitate to contact Uber if you ever receive one of these messages. Send them an email with the relevant message attached.

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