How Do I Schedule an Appraisal with Geico?


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Members and clients of GEICO have access to a variety of services, including comprehensive home and auto insurance as well as roadside assistance. You can schedule an evaluation with GEICO’s specialists with the assistance of the customer service person or insurance agent you work with. Through the use of the Internet or the mobile application, you also have the ability to independently arrange and schedule appraisals. Appraisals are carried out by specialists that are both highly qualified and certified. It is possible that you will be required to submit pertinent information, such as the specifics of your membership and your insurance policy.

Customers who purchase separate roadside assistance policies or comprehensive auto insurance policies from GEICO are eligible for the company’s roadside assistance coverage and comprehensive auto insurance coverage. Towing, aid with lockouts, emergencies involving oil, gas, or jumpstarts are just some of the services that may be provided by the professionals working for this organisation. In addition, making an appointment for a GEICO inspection is a simple and uncomplicated process. Homeowners who purchase home insurance can furthermore take advantage of property appraisal services.

The services of roadside help are available to policyholders in virtually every place in the United States. Using the GEICO mobile app streamlines and simplifies the procedure. The software is even capable of sending the policyholder’s precise location to the professionals working for the organisation.

Schedule an Appraisal through the Website

You can make an appointment for an appraisal through the website if you need one for recovery of claims for home or auto insurance, roadside assistance, or other types of insurance. The organisation gives customers the opportunity to book appointments at convenient times and in the locations of their choice. You are free to reach out to the specialists at any time and from any location. To schedule an evaluation through the website, carry out the following procedures:

  1. Visit the website of GEICO and select the appropriate tab for insurance or the appropriate tab for roadside assistance.
  2. Sign in using the information associated with your policy.
  3. Other users can sign in by using their membership details, if they have them.
  4. Please provide your postal code in the box provided, and then select an available appointment time that works for you.

Only customers who have active policies and who pay for roadside assistance can make use of the appraisal services. As long as you have access to the internet, you can schedule a GEICO inspection through the company’s website from virtually any location. You might be asked to provide additional information, such as the specifics of your policy, the type of vehicle you drive, and the accident that occurred.

Schedule an Appraisal through the Mobile App

Downloads of the GEICO mobile application are currently available for users of the iOS and Android operating systems. Additionally, the application is quick and easy to use. Users are able to manage their policies, schedule appraisals, make payments, and communicate with customer service representatives all through this platform.

  1. Launch the application and enter your membership details or customer details when prompted to do so during the installation process.
  2. You can select the tab for auto insurance, the tab for home insurance, or the tab for roadside assistance.
  3. Provide your “Zip Code” or live location through GPS if you don’t have it handy.
  4. Make sure the evaluation takes place at a convenient time and location.

The evaluation procedure is extremely in-depth and comprehensive. If the evaluation is included in the roadside assistance programme, the specialists will assist customers in contacting authorised and high-quality body shops.

The insurance appraisals that are done for the purpose of claims recovery are significantly more detailed. The specialists carry out complex procedures in order to conduct an investigation into the cause of the accident and evaluate the extent of the damages. In addition to this, they investigate whether the particular accident is covered by the insurance policy that the customer possesses.

Contact the Customer Service Team

You have round-the-clock access to the support services provided by the customer service staff. In addition, the representative of the customer care department can assist you in contacting authorised high-quality body shops in the area.

The professionals will conduct an inspection of your vehicle or property and then report their findings to the firm. If you have an urgent need for appraisal services, however, calling the team to discuss the matter may be the most effective course of action.

You can get in touch with the staff through e-mail or using the live chat feature. It is possible that the agents will ask you for information regarding your membership, policy, name, and address, in addition to other details required for arranging the GEICO evaluation. It’s possible that making phone calls is the quickest option to schedule an instant evaluation.

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