How do I merge multiple accounts at AT&T? Is it possible to merge accounts?


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A simple 7 step guide for solving this common AT&T problem quickly and effectively by HP help desk support.

Make sure you have the following items before you begin: The account’s email address, Password

1.AT&T allows you to consolidate several accounts. The primary account with primary billing responsibilities must be designated first, and then the secondary account can be transferred to the primary account. AT&T requires a new agreement stating that the new owner would be fully responsible for the new wireless account, monthly cost, and contract. (Note: When two accounts combine, the person with the upgrade can maintain it even after the accounts are transferred.) Check the standards to ensure you are eligible to take over billing responsibility before transferring billing responsibility. The following are the account holder’s/requirements: account’s The account must have been active for at least 60 days. Accounts with GoPhones are non-transferable. All phones, tablets, and other electronic devices must be paid and operational. Payments on the initial account must not be past due. The account’s new owner must also: You must be at least 18 years old to participate. Choose from the AT&T plans available. To get AT&T to accept the transfer, you must pass the credit check and pay the transfer charge, which can range from $18 to $36. Accept the remaining terms with all current cell phones, pads, and other devices. If the primary account holder passes all of the above and wishes to proceed, please follow the steps below: Step 1: Visit the AT&T Customer Center ( and log in with your User ID and Password.
2. Step two: Select “Transfer Billing Responsibility” from the “Billing, Usage, and Payment” menu.

3 Step 3: Choose the account(s) to which you want to delegate billing authority.
4 Step 4: Select the lines under “Transfer billing responsibility,” which implies you must be familiar with the terms and conditions for paying bills for all merging lines.
5 Step 5: Complete the request form and press “Submit.”
6 Step 6: Select “Continue” and agree to the Terms of Agreement, then select “Submit.”
7 Step 7: You should be finished and have nothing else to do! Nice! I hope this information is useful; please let me know if it is not.

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