How Do I Manage My Monthly Mobile Data Usage with At&t?


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This post will show you how to manage your AT&T mobile data use. It talks about how to save data by using wifi and altering the settings. It includes detailed instructions for checking data consumption via text and online, as well as information on how doing so might help you stay on top of how much data you need to save. A graph depicting common Internet activity and their data usage is available.

You’re in luck if you have an AT&T mobile account and you’re always going over your data limit before the end of the month. There are a number of strategies to keep your AT&T mobile data consumption under control until the next month begins.

Use WiFi

When at all possible, use a wireless device to connect. If you don’t, your device will fall back to using cellular data, which will consume your monthly data faster.

Get Quick Data Usage Updates by Text

Make it a habit to text *DATA# (for English) or *DATO# (for Spanish) every now and then to get a quick update on how much data you have left. You’ll be more conscious of how much data you’re consuming and how you need to divide it up to get through the month if you do it this way.

Check Your Data Usage Online

Obviously, a brief text message won’t supply you with very many specifics about the situation. You can get a more accurate view of your data use by checking it online from time to time.

  1. Navigate to the homepage of AT&T.
  2. To access your account, please sign in.
  3. Visit the Usage page.
  4. Choose the time period that you wish to look at.
  5. Pick the kind of service that you have available.
  6. Choose to download it.
  7. Choose either the Excel or CSV format for the data that you want to use.

This report will provide you with a more in-depth look at how you are using your data. You can employ it to recognise problematic patterns of conduct that require modification on your part.

Change Settings

Simply adjusting a few parameters can result in significant data reductions for you to take advantage of. Turn off your app’s automatic update and notification features, including email and push alerts. If you aren’t going to use your GPS, turn it off. You should turn off the feature that plays videos automatically on apps like Facebook.

Uninstall Any Unneeded Apps

Remove any applications from your mobile device that you won’t be using in the near future. A good number of them are always searching for new information and looking for updates. It’s possible that you’ll be shocked by how much data you can save with this method.

Changing Your Internet Habits

You may determine what adjustments you need to make to the ways in which you use the Internet once you have determined the method through which you consume the most data on a monthly basis. Simply make use of this chart:

  • In a minute of browsing, between 50 and 500 KB are used.
  • 1 download: anything from 1 to 7 megabytes
  • Audio in streaming: between half a megabyte and one megabyte every minute
  • Between 100 and 350 kilobytes is required for one social network post with an attached picture.
  • When sending one email with an attachment, the required space is between 100 and 300 KB.
  • If you are only sending one email with no attachments, it should be between 15 and 35 KB.
  • When watching a video in standard definition, the data transfer is 4 MB per minute.
  • When viewing a high-definition video: between 8 and 10 megabytes each minute

For the next day or two, keep a log of how much time you spend engaging in each of these activities. Then all you need to do is figure out which of your online behaviours uses the most data, and then reduce the amount of time you spend engaging in that behaviour.

AT&T should be contacted if assistance is required in any way. It provides a number of different channels for customer care, such as telephone, e-mail, live chat, and a help desk.


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