How Do I Change My Name in the Uber Partner App?


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Whether you are new to the app or just need a refresher, it can be difficult to navigate the Uber Driver app. Below, we describe how to modify your information within the Uber Partner app.

The Uber Partner App is essential if you wish to drive for Uber. After receiving your driver’s license, you must immediately download the application on your mobile device. The Uber Driver Portal on the app’s main screen asks you to log in with your driver information. After checking in, you will have access to and be able to use all App features.

The Uber Partner App will automatically refer to you by your driver’s name without asking you which name you prefer. While driving, the same name is displayed to passengers. You must first send a support note to Uber using the Uber Partner App before you may change your name.

After navigating a few options within the application, the support message can be generated. Typically, Uber’s customer service provides a response in less than two minutes. Here are the steps to modify your name on the Uber Partner App:

Sign in to the Uber Partner App with your original driver information.

2.On the Driver Portal, click “Account” in the bottom-right corner of the screen.

Select “Help” from the account menu’s uppermost section.

Tap ‘Account’ a second time. This option will appear in the middle of the subsequent list.

5.Select ‘Account Settings’ from the second-to-last option on the list.

  1. Go to the end of the list.

You will find the option “I wish to use a nickname”

8.Select this option and enter the desired nickname or name change.

Click ‘Submit’ whenever you’re satisfied with the information you’ve provided.

With any luck, you should receive a response from Uber support within a few minutes. If not, you will be need to wait a bit longer for feedback. Email will serve as the actual mode of responding. The communication will state that they are delighted to alter your name. Uber also notes that they must preserve your official name in their database for security reasons.

There is a strong probability that Uber would reject any name that is obscene or derogatory. They certainly would not want to lose riders due of your name. During the holiday season, a memorable moniker, such as Santa, could boost your popularity among riders.

When you’re addressed by your preferred name, picking up and dropping off passengers can be accomplished with minimal effort. Uber permits the use of aliases so that their drivers can develop trust and accountability.

Contacting Uber Partner App Support

Uber strives to provide great support to their drivers in order to provide valuable experiences for their users. There are multiple ways to contact Uber for assistance in resolving your change of name issue. including the following:

  • Calling the Uber Helpline, which is mostly useful in emergency situations
  • Utilizing the Uber Partner App’s assistance features
  • Checking out the Uber Help Portal
  • Sending an email to Uber’s Customer Support
  • Visiting a neighborhood Uber office
  • Using social media to reach out to Uber

For Uber drivers to access the phone support feature, they must first check in to the Partner App. Select ‘Account’ and then ‘Help’ to continue. A blue phone icon is displayed in the upper right corner. Tap the Call Support button.

The Uber Partner App’s in-app help option is the most popular. Actually, it is the simplest way to alter your name on the App. The procedure is comprehensive and straightforward for drivers to follow.

The Uber Help Portal provides drivers with another quick access point to Uber Partner App Support. The option is available to both drivers and passengers and provides solutions to a number of frequently asked queries by drivers. Including information on how to update your name on the Uber Partner App.


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