How Do I Book a Round Trip Uber Ride?


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When compared to taking two separate routes, using just one ride for both the outbound and return journeys results in greater cost savings. However, keep in mind that the Uber driver makes more money when they get multiple ride requests; as a result, your third destination stop should not take more than three minutes; otherwise, the driver may cancel the request and move on to the next passenger. If you have more than three stops, you should think about reserving a different ride back; doing so will allow you to save more money.

Since it first began operations, Uber has undergone a number of transformations, including the introduction of a ride option that provides riders with multiple options as well as the delivery of quick-service restaurants. To get a ride, all that is required is a straightforward process. The most important question is why people take multiple rides when they only need one ride to get them from one place to another and back again. Although there is no set procedure for doing so, there are a few steps that can be followed to complete the journey in its entirety. Even though there is no discount for round trips, it is still cheaper than taking multiple rides to the same destination.

What is a round trip?

It is a journey beginning at point A and going to point B, then returning to point A using the same path and ride. There is no need to make any other transportation arrangements for the journey home. It enables you to save more money. The Uber ride round trip generally works for up to three different locations at the most.

Single trip

  • Allow the Uber ride to begin.
  • Proceed with the booking process as you normally would from one location to another.
  • After entering your current address, select the Where to? option and type in the address of your final destination.

Round trip

  • After you have finished booking your standard ride, navigate to the section labeled “add or change.”
  • Include the additional location on your itinerary. Imagine that you left your house to go pick up a buddy or a package; the third stop on your journey will be returning to your house.

Adding a new destination when on the go

When you neglect to add a third destination, or when you want to change the destination you are currently at:

  • Simply open the Uber Ride app and look for the driver’s information at the bottom of the screen.
  • Tap the “add or change” option that is located below your currently selected trip.
  • You can either choose a new destination or adjust the one you’re already at. The price of the entire trip may, however, be adjusted in accordance with the distance traveled to the new location and the amount of time required to reach it.

Additional tips

Be sure to add a third destination in a timely manner; otherwise, the driver may receive a new request. If you fail to do so, the driver may receive the new request. Another thing to keep in mind is the length of time that you should spend at each stop on the way between destinations. Each stop should take no more than three minutes, as the driver may not wait for you for any longer than that.

The meter continues to run while the driver is stopped for you, which means that you will be charged for the time that the driver spends waiting for you. This ride might not be the best option for you if you need to run errands to the bank or go shopping.

This kind of round trip may be more expensive if you have no more than one destination in between, such as from your home to a friend’s house, to the mall, then to another friend’s house, and then back to your home again. Because of this, it is strongly recommended that you arrange for a different ride return.

You cannot schedule a journey with multiple destinations through Uber Pool or any other ride option; however, you are able to book a ride with multiple destinations using Uber X or any other ride option.


You can also visit Uber help pages if you face any difficulty in booking a round trip Uber journey. You will find specialized tips for your circumstance and receive assistance from people having the same problem.

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