Does At&t Wireless Have the Best Customer Satisfaction for Cellphone Service?


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This article provides a general overview of the level of consumer satisfaction with AT&T Wireless. The article breaks down what customers appreciate about AT&T Wireless as well as what they dislike about the company, and it also provides a brief comparison of AT&T Wireless to its major competitors.

AT&T Wireless is the industry leader when it comes to the provision of mobile phone services; however, does it also have the highest customer satisfaction rating for mobile phone services? What aspects of AT&T Wireless are valued by customers and which are not? You can get in touch with AT&T Wireless through this link if you need more information, and you can continue reading to find out what people think the company is doing well, as well as the areas in which it is not ranked well.

What Customers Love

Download Speeds

Download speeds from AT&T Wireless are comparable to those offered by other major providers, earning the company good marks from customers for satisfaction (with almost no discernible difference in the wait time for customers). According to AT&T Wireless, download speeds for 4G customers range anywhere from 14 to 61 Mbps, with 28.9 being the average. The upload speeds can be anywhere between three and fourteen Mbps, with 9.4 Mbps being the average.


Coverage Customers also give AT&T Wireless top marks in the category of coverage, which the company offers. AT&T Wireless customers may rely on a reliable connection in almost all rural parts of the United States, with the exception of a few areas that are mostly located in the west and northwest regions of the country. AT&T Wireless has coverage across more than 58 percent of the country. The connection is stronger and there are fewer interruptions in coverage in locations with a higher population density.

Plans at a Discount
AT&T Wireless provides quite decent discounts to specific groups of users, which is a huge positive in the eyes of customers. Because it offers reductions in price to military families, senior citizens, and first responders, it is an excellent option for certain categories of people.

Choices for the Device
AT&T Wireless makes available for purchase all of the most recent electronic gadgets (either paying all upfront or payment plans that are included in your monthly bill). Despite the fact that this is an enormous benefit for customers, it is possible that certain merchants will not stock all of the gadgets that can be discovered on the AT&T Wireless website.

What Customers Hate


AT&T Wireless is one of the most expensive options available on the market, and the company’s data plan prices are higher than those of some of AT&T Wireless’s competitors. In addition, the charges per line have a tendency to be higher than those of some of the competitors. Even when looking at unlimited plans, which typically have better overall costs because you don’t have to pay extra for going over your limit, AT&T Wireless’s prices are typically higher than those of its competitors.


Although download speeds are remarkable, streaming speeds are not quite as fast. Because the highest streaming resolution that AT&T Wireless’s more affordable plans provide is 480p (also known as standard definition or SD), the quality of some high definition (HD) videos may not live up to your expectations. The cost of streaming in high definition on your AT&T Wireless smartphone is much higher than the cost of streaming in standard definition.

Data Caps

Customers who choose less expensive plans often face data caps that might be exhausted in a relatively short period of time, forcing them to make do with slower data connections rather than high-speed ones. Customers who are not always close to a convenient Wi-Fi connection may find that they exhaust their data well before the end of each monthly billing cycle.

Bottom Line

The final conclusion is that, when it comes to overall consumer satisfaction for cellular service, AT&T Wireless really ranks fairly high. Customers absolutely adore the excellent coverage and lightning-fast download speeds that this product provides. Because it provides reductions in price for specific categories of customers, it is a very popular option. The price of the plans was the source of the majority of customers’ concerns. For further information, please get in touch with our customer care.

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